Victor Garcia

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I am a software developer and architect. Computer software is my passion, my profession, and my hobby.

I believe in DevOps, agile practices, open source, and that coding should be a social and humanistic endeavor. I also believe that processes, tools, and team interactions are as important as individual prowess. Further, it is always in my mind that high performing teams are the true main artifact to strive for.


As with other things of the heart, it is difficult to explain my feelings for software development. Though, I can always try.

Software development brings with it some of the most gratifying experiences: the pride of defeating frustration, the thrill of finding the solution to a puzzle, the sense of accomplishment of constantly learning new things, the intellectual fulfillment of meeting intelligent and interesting people, and the camaraderie of achieving a common goal with a team.


15 Oct 2016 . Programming . es6 array patterns for immutability Comments

Here is a collection of snippets for manipulating arrays using es6 features in an immutable way aiming towards a more functional style of programming. In a subsequent post, I’m going to write about similar patterns but with objects. Further, these patterns help if for whatever reason you cannot use <a…

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