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Jenkins multibranch workflow + junit test results + slack notifications

22 Jan 2016 . Tech . Comments #Jenkins #Workflow #Slack #Junit

Here is an example of Jenkinsfile that implements slack notifications, junit results, and other goodies.

What I wanted to achieve

This is what I wanted to achieve:

  • Build every commit, on every branch
  • Only publish artifacts (it’s java) when on the master branch
  • Publish JUnit test report and trend per branch.
  • Send Slack notifications on build failures, unstable builds, and build success.
  • The Slack notifications should be useful and provide information

Initial research (base code)

While trying to achieve this, I discovered that there was already an example to send slack notifications in Jenkins workflow plugin GitHub repo. I adapted this code by adding colors for the different statuses.

import groovy.json.JsonOutput
// Add whichever params you think you'd most want to have
// replace the slackURL below with the hook url provided by
// slack when you configure the webhook
def notifySlack(text, channel) {
    def slackURL = 'https://hooks.slack.com/services/xxxxxxx/yyyyyyyy/zzzzzzzzzz'
    def payload = JsonOutput.toJson([text      : text,
                                     channel   : channel,
                                     username  : "jenkins",
                                     icon_emoji: ":jenkins:"])
    sh "curl -X POST --data-urlencode \'payload=${payload}\' ${slackURL}"

Adapted code

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