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Once upon a time in Asia

17 Jan 2016 . Travel . Comments #youtube #asia

In the Spring of 2010, my then girlfriend (now great friend) and I traveled through Asia. It was an unforgettable trip that to this day always brings a smile to my face. The experiences I lived then and there, irreparably changed the way I see and I feel the world.

For this trip, I bought a Kodak Zi8 which is a little camcorder. With it, I recorded a lot of what I saw. Looking back, I should have bought a better camera, because the I scenes I recorded have become so precious to me and are in general so memorable, that they definitely deserved better video quality.

Nevertheless, the youtube playlist with all the videos is this one. Below, you can find some of the videos.

Angkor wat

All over Southeast Asia

Ayutthaya, Thailand